Monday, September 23, 2013



So sudden, I remembered the time when I was studying in Penang Matriculation College. Oh, a very sweet memory to be forgotten indeed.  

There was a time that me and my practicum mates planning on going on a camping trip to Bukit Merah Laketown, Perak. It was actually outlined in our curriculum to carry out a program involving all the students in our practicum every semester (we only had 2 semesters for one year of study period). The plan was so great with all the committees being distributed their tasks and commitments. 

Unfortunately, this great and brilliant plan required a large amount of money to spare. Lack of time for preparation and lack of budget, we needed to come up with another plan as soon as possible. Through discussion and chit chat, the girls team somehow came up with a fascinating yet challenging idea. A really new idea for some of us and truly shocking.

"Why not we do some laundry but with charged?". One of my friend, that happened to be the vice-president of the class, suggested confidently. It took some time for us to think. 

"Are you serious?". We looked at each other. Even, the eyes were hardly blinking.

"Yes, I'm serious. There's not much option left. Any other idea?", she asked if only she knew that all her friends were not thinking of anything caused by the sudden-shocking-idea. Who knows when and how the suggestion was eventually agreed by all of us. Doing the laundry by myself for my own clothes is a bit suffocating and exhausting. Yet, the whole block of our hostel? We surely out of our minds. 

The laundry project was started with nervousness, flutter, lose face and all sort of feelings were there in our hearts. Smiling with so much power although feeling embarrassed at the same time, we knocked the doors of the hostel residents one by one at the morning.

"Assalammualaikum. We're doing some laundry with charge of 50 cents per cloth. Do you interested?". Our vice-president spoke firmly. Of course, she should do the "asking job" since she was the proposer, isn't she? 

"Huh?". The girl in front of the door was puzzled with the question. Woke up in the morning weekend and was asked if interested to do some laundry? What the....???

"We're doing this laundry project to obtain money for our camping trip.We only charged 50 cents for a piece of clothing". She explained. The girls nodded quickly and handed to us a bucket full of clothes. Of course, undergarments were not included in the agreement. 

In the afternoon, we'd managed to collect a lot of clothes from shirts, trousers, jeans, skirts, kain batik and so on. Good job indeed. Besides, who would reject such offer? On weekend? It's heaven guys. 

"Enjoy your relaxing moment because someone is doing your laundry job". If only we could say it.

During the afternoon, the washing room was reserved by the so-called Power Puff Girls team. Washing all the clothes together so hard, even we apparently washed ourselves too. Exhausted, tiring, and totally wet but still it was entertaining. At the end, we succeeded the challenge and obtained what we needed the most. 

It was unbelievable for us to do something odd like that just to acquire some money. Well, who knows the power of desperation. Anything is possible right? We did enjoy our camping trip happily after that. The moments were so cherished.

It taught me one thing that day. I guess all of us got some valuable things to keep in their mind and heart. In order to make something that we acquire so meaningful and precious, we must work for it regardless what people around us will say. The more pain, bitterness and hardship we had to overcome, the benevolence will be so sweet when we finally succeed.


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