Monday, February 25, 2013



Kabare? Waras, alhamdulillah. Tapi ramai juga yang tak waras sejak-sejak nak pilihanraya. Tak boleh nak fikir yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk...teeeeetttt..selingan iklan dah tamat..

Minggu lepas ada teman seperjuangan berkongsi tajuk gosip ilmiahnya...haha gosip ilmiah pulak dah..menangis kakitangan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka kerana telah memporak-perandakan bahasa ibunda. Silalah kembali ke pangkal jalan..


Lalu, ditanya pendapat saya. Memang setuju banget sama tajuk...Perempuan masa single memang berdikari sangat. Masak sendiri, basuh kain sendiri, cuci pinggan sendiri, cari nafkah sendiri, perabih duit sendiri,beli barang dapur sendiri, urusan rasmi buat sendiri, pendek kata semuanya sendirilah..Memang berdikari dari kari...

Tapi, bila dah kahwin, "Abang, tolong belikan ikan?"..."Abang, tolong poskan parcel ni yer"..."Abang, tolong top up kan handphone"...Abang itu, abang ini..semuanya dah tinggal "kari".."berdi" dah buang ke laut hahaha...Ate, kalau tak boleh minta bantuan dari pasangan hidup yang bergelar suami, nak minta tolong siapa kan. OK What! Tapi, tetap kerja rumah semua buat sendiri, sape kata perempuan tak berdikari selepas kahwin? Masak sendiri jugak, basuh baju sendiri jugak, kemas rumah sendiri jugak, jaga anak sendiri jugak...

Cuba tengok orang lelaki. Sebelum kahwin, basuh baju sendiri, masak sendiri walaupun masak megi kari, lipat baju sendiri, kemas rumah sendiri...Tapi, bila kahwin, baju dah dibasuh, makanan dah dimasak, rumah dah dikemas, anak-anak ada orang jaga, baju-baju dah digosok...suami balik kerja baring atas sofa ada yang bawakan air minuman, hidangkan makanan..selepas makan meja makan dah ada yang kemaskan, pinggan mangkuk ada orang basuh...suami cuma berdikari suap nasi masuk ke mulut, buka mata untuk tengok TV..


As a conclusion, baik laki mahu pun perempuan memang kedua-duanya tak boleh berdikari selepas kahwin sebab  perkahwinan itu adalah satu perkongsian. Sama-sama berkongsi tenaga untuk membina rumahtangga yang selesa, aman dan sentosa. Sama-sama berkongsi tenaga untuk uruskan rumahtangga dan anak-anak...Kalau satu pihak jer kena berdikari buat semua kerja, one day dia akan collapse jugak..Mesin kalau operate 24 jam non-stop pun rosak tau, kalau boleh repair tak apalah, kalau rosak teruk orang buang beli baru..menangislah mesin tu tak ada orang peduli...Takkan nak layan your life partner ibarat mesin kan..Kata teman sehidup semati...

P/S: Anak sulung saya ni memang die hard fan kari style..hari-hari suruh ibu dia masak kari..adoi, nanti kena cari menantu orang penang la selalu makan kari..

Saturday, February 23, 2013


An inspiring story to be shared...
PROFESSOR Dr Muhaya Mohamad, 52, holds teachers in high regard. Her father, army leftenant Mohamad Busu, instilled into young Muhaya a respect for them -- she was to visit her former teachers, whether in her home state of Trengganu or in Johor where she attended boarding school from remove class until Form Six.
Life in her formative years was disciplined. Her father stressed the importance of education and Islam in their lives. His five children (including an adopted child) were to have their evening bath by 6pm. He picked the movies they watched and TV and radio were only allowed for academic and Science programmes.
While Dr Muhaya felt envious of her cousins, who lived together with her family and had more freedom in their choice of leisure activities, she valued his vision. In 1966, her far-sighted father hired a tutor to teach his children English and Mathematics at RM15 per month at home.
And the doctor should know the distinction between "sight" and "vision". "You may have failing sight and yet have great vision," says Dr Muhaya, who is a consultant ophthalmologist and head of the department of ophthalmology at Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
The former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) graduate was the first recipient of the Toh Puan Rahah Award for the most outstanding female student -- both in academic work and personality -- at the institution in 1982. When she graduated with a medical degree in 1985, she won the Book Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
She obtained a Fellowship in Uveitis at the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in the United Kingdom after four years of study from 1994 to 1998 and has a doctorate in ocular immunology from the University of London.
Dr Muhaya may have a string of letters after her name, which makes you breathless, but the eye surgeon likes to teach.
And as it has been said that you must first master a subject to impart knowledge, teaching her juniors has in turn bolstered her sterling career -- she received the Excellent Lecturer Award at UKM in 1999 and 2000. But to Dr Muhaya, teaching is only one side of the coin. The other is motivating students. She takes an active interest in Personal and Professional Development and is director of the subject at Allianze University College of Medical Sciences, Penang.
She is author of How to Become a Good and Successful Medical Student -- A Holistic Approach, which is written in question-and- answer format and published in 2005, and hosted Vitamins For The Mind on TV2. She has her own motivation programme Dari Mata Ke Hati on Astro Oasis (Tuedays at 3.30pm). She answers questions on her schooldays:
Which primary and secondary schools did you attend?
SK Tengku Ampuan Mariam in Kuala Trengganu and Sekolah Tun Fatimah in Johor Baru.
Did you have a favourite teacher and why did you like him/her?
My Additional Mathematics teacher, Mr Thiang. I will give him a free eye operation as I am greatly indebted to him for his kindness and dedication as a teacher.
I also owe a lot to Zaharah Ali, the headmistress of SK Tengku Ampuan Mariam. She gave me extra coaching to help me get good results in the Standard Six exam which helped me to gain a place at the boarding school in Johor.
And English language teacher and counsellor Cikgu Rohana proved to be a great emotional support.
What subject(s) did you like at school?
Chemistry. I did extra homework on the subject for Mrs Mak to correct. I have an idea -- at the back of my mind -- to teach students to balance Chemistry equations on YouTube.
Were you rewarded for good performance by your parents? If yes, in what way.
My father was not keen on toys. He gave me a Tissot watch, with changeable coloured straps and rings round the bezel, which was all the rage then. Because he was so inclined, I remember being thrilled with an umbrella -- not a toy.
Father liked gifts with a meaning. He gave Standard Chartered Bank coin boxes made of copper to his children. I had one shaped like a house at the age of seven as he wanted me to be an architect. My sister received one of a book because father hoped she will become a doctor. For a potential engineer, my brother had one shaped liked a dredge. Somehow, I became the doctor. My father wanted all of us to become professionals.
What was your best (and worst) school holiday?
The family spent holidays and Hari Raya in Singapore, my mother's birthplace. I relished those holidays because I could watch TV in Singapore! Floods didn't deter us from going to the island!
The worst holidays were when I stayed back in boarding school during Hari Raya as the LCE (Lower Certificate of Examination, now Penilaian Menengah Rendah) was looming.
What hobbies did you have while at school?
I have a natural talent for dance -- both traditional and modern. The late actor Ahmad Nisfu, who was a family friend, came over with a radiogram. I performed the inang dance spontaneously when music was played! I also don't get stage fright. I choreographed dances at school, took part in fashion shows and was president of the school choir. I was beauty queen of the school in Form One!
What was your ambition while schooling?
When my Form Two teacher asked the class about their ambitions, I listed mine as "get married, start a family and become a doctor".
I went on to fulfil my dreams in that order. Father championed my goals.
When I was in boarding school and he was posted to Kuching, Sarawak every letter which he wrote to me had motivational words at the top.
If you were to live your schooldays all over again, is there anything you would like to change?
No, even though I wasn't top of the class in Forms One and Two! - NST
P/S: SK Tengku Ampuan Mariam, Terengganu..rupanya super senior saya hehehe..nak tumpang glemer ^^

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


‎"The Masjids are FREE but empty and the club's are PAID but full; It's free to enter in Heaven and costly to enter hell".

"Baik dan buruk Jodoh kita, itu semua adalah Allah yang tetapkan. Kerana itu berbaik-baiklah dengan Allah. Allah akan memberikan hanya yang baik-baik sahaja buat kita.

"Dan ingatlah ketika Tuhan kamu mengumumkan: Sekiranya kalian bersyukur, maka Aku akan tambahkan(nikmat yang diberi). Dan sekiranya kalian kufur, sesungguhnya azab Aku amatlah pedih." Surah Ibrahim ayat 7.

Syukur bukanlah bermakna cakap Alhamdulillah sahaja. Tetapi syukur perlu dimanifestasikan dengan ketaatan kita kepada Allah SWT.

Justeru, bukan sahaja jodoh, bahkan rezeki, kekuatan, mudah urusan, semuanya adalah pemberian Allah, maka perlulah kita melihat hubungan kita denganNya untuk benar-benar menjalani kehidupan dengan tenang dan kuat.

Tetapi jika dengan Allah sudah tidak baik,
maka dari mana lagi kita hendak dapatkan kebaikan?" - Hilal Asyraf




Tiba-tiba teringat kisah seorang suami yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga isterinya yang lumpuh suatu ketika dulu pernah dihebahkan di media arus perdana. Untungnya si isteri tersebut. Bukan semua suami sanggup tinggalkan kerjaya yang pendapatannya lumayan semata-mata untuk menjaga isteri yang sakit. Banyak kisah yang kita dengar isteri yang terpaksa bekerja atau berhenti kerja untuk jaga suami yang sakit. 

Tak semua penyakit perlu pergi klinik, hospital, makan ubat..ada penyakit yang sembuh bila ada seseorang di sisi saat diperlukan ;) ...It's all about how you love someone..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



For a few weeks, people get excited to post about this Sharifah woman and Bawani on facebook. I just get too curious to know what is it all about indeed. But after a few days just get the chance to watch the issue on youtube with my hubby. He also did not know anything about this two women. 

What I can say is that the Bawani girl is so brave. Despite she is a law student and talked about law during the forum, she was great to have the courage to speak like that. What's there to blame? She only spoke her rights as a student and also a Malaysian citizen for sure. Thumbs up for you my dear. Different races is nothing compared to justice and truth. She showed what a student really should be. 

I once a student. A student of a recognized university should have the guts to speak the truth. Not just believe what others said without make a research. Haha..apo kono eh dok speaking plak ni? Terkena badi Sharifah kot...hahha..Dah la berterabur. Tak puas plak meluahkan perasaan guna English ni. Kita kena bangga dengan bahasa ibunda yop...Orang Melayu weii tapi malu la orang Melayu kalau orang India boleh berani cakap pasal sesuatu yang benar walaupun kena cemuh dengan orang yang so-called Melayu jugak...chinca? (masuk Korea plak).

As I said before, kita ni banyak mengidap penyakit sindrom aku tak peduli. Asalkan bukan aku, keluarga aku yang kena..OK lah..Orang lain tu lantaklah. Tapi, bila terkena di batang hidung sendiri, masa tu baru nak menggelabah gali kebenaran, soal selidik bagai saintis. Mahasiswa hari ni manja dengan suapan lebih-lebih lagi bangsa kita. Suratkhabar setahun sekali baca, kalau baca blog pun baca yang hiburan jer..Nak buat macam mana sistem pendiidkan dari tadika lagi dok ajar menyanyi, menari...dah masuk U pun asyik nak menyanyi, menari jugak sampailah ke tua. Whatever lah..



Lama aih tinggal blog ni. Fuhhh...fuhhh...tiup buang habuk. Bersawang-sawang.

Wahai adik kakak, hari tu ketika media arus perdana sibuk menayangkan puak-puak Zionis Israel mengganyang rakyat Palestin, maka berderu-derulah mesej-mesej, newsletter, foto-foto yang menyeru seluruh umat Islam memboikot jenama barangan yang memberi dana langsung kepada Israel. Facebook pun sampai crowded dengan mesej boikot. Ada pihak lekat flyers di dinding-dinding seperti McD. Tak kurang juga yang edarkan flyers di depan pintu masuk McD. Harmoni sungguh rasanya.

Ni dah berbulan-bulan isu Palestin senyap sat, maka berbondonglah manusia yang kelaparan menyerbu semula McD (ataupun pakat mulalah membeli semula barang-barang kegemaran mereka yang wangnya disalurkan kepada Israel). Amboi, orang kita kalau tak makan McD rasa tak boleh hidup kot no. Kecik-kecik dulu mak ayah depa suap burger Prosperity dah kot. Afdlin Shauki yang artis kebabom tu pun boleh boikot McD (saja bagi contoh artis maklumlah artis tu kan ikon..whatever!!).

Memang kita ni ramai yang menghidap penyakit "Syndrome Aku Tak Peduli"..asalkan bukan aku yang kena dan bukan ahli keluarga aku yang kena. Hangpa nak berperang, peranglah..yang penting aku kenyang...Sama juga dengan isu semasa contohnya politik. Ramai yang tak ambil tahu dan tak ambil cakna soal pemerintahan negara. Apa pemimpin buat, ke mana duit rakyat dilaburkan, apa benefit yang rakyat dapat?

Sudah-sudahlah dengan penyakit syndrome aku tak peduli ni, bila ada yang berjuang untuk hak rakyat dah kena kutuk pulak padahal untuk sapa perjuangan tu? Untuk kita, anak, cucu, cicit, piut kita la weii di masa depan nanti. Bak kata salah seorang pemimpin negara, bila rakyat tak peduli soal politik semasa, maka lahirlah pemimpin yang berbuat sesuka hatinya.

Selingan hari Selasa...PEACE YO!..Berjihad di Palestin dah la penakut, berjihad dengan McD pun tak boleh, hangpa memang POYO...